Factory second LG XD3A25BS TrueSteam 15-Place Setting Freestanding Dishwasher (Black/Steel)


Factory second LG XD3A25BS TrueSteam 15-Place Setting Freestanding Dishwasher (Black/Steel)



Model: XD3A25BS

TrueSteam 15-Place Setting Freestanding Dishwasher (Black/Steel)


15 Place QuadWash® Steam Dishwasher in Black Stainless Finish with TrueSteam™

Sparkling Dishes, Fewer Water Spots
TrueSteam™ technology helps breakdown stubborn stuck on food scraps, improves drying and delivers sparkling clean dishes with fewer water spots.

Grand Designs Deserve the Perfect Partner
Understated elegance to add a touch of style to your kitchen.

Clean from Multiple Angles
Featuring a bottom spray arm mechanism with four rotating blades, two of which incorporate an oscillating nozzle to deliver jets of water at multiple angles.

Quiet, Efficient & Reliable
The LG Direct Drive Motor is designed with less moving parts to provide reliable, quiet performance.

Dual Zone Wash
Gently clean your delicate dishes while power-washing dirty pots and pans with the Dual Zone Wash option. Water spray intensity delivered to the upper and lower racks is varied to suit the items being washed in each rack.

Easy Loading & Versatility
The upper rack is designed to adjust easily. Alter the height of the upper rack to three different levels to accommodate a variety of sized items.

A New World of Connectivity
LG Quadwash dishwashers come with SmartThinQ™ technology, so you can download new wash cycles, diagnose problems and even get notifications on your smartphone.¹

Download New Wash Cycles
With the LG Smart THINQ™ smartphone app, you can download new wash cycles if you need a customised option such as 'Pots & Pans' or 'Night Care'. 

Personalised Settings
Personalise your dishwasher cycles by using the smartphone app to select different cleaning options.

Machine Clean Reminder
Keep your dishwasher fresh by activating the Machine Clean Reminder. After every 30 cycles the app indicator will let you know it's time to run the cleaning cycle. 

Smart Diagnosis
Troubleshoot issues using a smartphone and the LG Smart THINQ™ app as the dishwasher can "talk for itself" to find a solution to help save time & money on unnecessary call outs.¹

Key Features

14 Place settings

Black stainless steel finish

QuadWash® clean

SmartThinQ™ technology

Download New Wash Cycles

Personalised Settings

Smart Diagnosis

Flexible rack system

Inverter Direct Drive Motor

Low Noise - 41dB


Factory second


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